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1999 – 2001 Ford Explorer, Dangerously Unsafe Roof

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Many Ford Explorer SUVs, from the 1999 to 2001 model years, do not meet a crucial safety requirement intended to protect passengers in rollover crashes according to a safety engineering firm we regular call upon as expert witnesses in our Ford and SUV rollover cases.

Safety Analysis and Forensic Engineering, which has performed a great deal of research and testing for us, has formed the opinion that a substantial number of 1999 to 2001 Explorers likely do not comply with the federal vehicle roof strength standard. SAFE also contents that Ford’s own documents support their opinion.

“This situation exposes owners of these vehicles to increased risk of serious injury in rollovers,” said Stephen Forrest, senior engineer and principal with SAFE Research.

We continually represent people serious injured in rollover accidents. Our research, our testing, our experts’ opinions and our clients’ catastrophic losses, come to the same conclusion, the Ford Explorer roof is too weak and a serious threat to its occupants in a rollover accident. Thank you Steven Meyer, Stephen Forrest and the entire SAFE Research team in helping us hold Ford Motor Company accountable for their negligent endangerment of the motoring public.