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Cars Against Drunk Driving

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New technologies designed to save lives.

According to a recent Health & Science report, Toyota Motor Corporation is in development of a car that will detect signs of drunk drivers before they get on the road with the rest of us. This type technology should be a prerequisite for the return of a driver’s license to anyone convicted of driving under the influence. How many lives would be saved by keeping convicted DUI offenders from again driving while intoxicate and risking lives?

Apparently, sweat detectors in the steering wheel can sense if alcohol is present and if these sensors measure alcohol the car will not start. The fail-safe car also contains a sensor that will detect abnormal steering by the driver, and there is a camera installed that will measure pupil size. If either abnormal steering or unfocused pupils are detected the car will then automatically slow down and stop . It wasn’t clear to me if this technology would prevent drowsy drivers from driving.

Nissan, another Japanese car manufacturer, has already been involved with studies in developing cars with a breathalyzer-like device that would prevent an intoxicated driver from being able to start their car when drunk .

These technologies might have saved the life of a 22-year-old Santa Ana, drunk driver, and saved his 14-year-old passenger from critical injuries, when the intoxicated driver caused an OCTA bus accident on February 20th. Three OCTA bus passengers were treated at local hospitals.