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Ford Recalls 109,664 Police Cars

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2003-2005 Crown Victoria Interceptors Recalled.

Ford Motor Company has announced a voluntary recall of 2003-2005 Crown Victoria Interceptor police cruisers built between, October 10, 2001 and December 8, 2004, at an assembly plant in St. Thomas, Ontario due to a wheel defect in the automobile’s steel wheels according to various news sources.

The defective wheels of the Interceptors have been found to be prone to cracking which could cause rapid air loss in the tires during high-speed chases and therefore defective. Only a small percentage of the steel wheels have been reported to have cracked. Ford has stated that the cracks can form near the weld line that connects the rim to the wheel disk.

Ford will replace the wheels and spares as needed. Police departments are encouraged to call their local dealers or Ford at 800-392-3673 to see if the recall applies to their cars.

A Ford spokesman, has reportedly told the Associated Press, that police departments have reported two, non-injury crashes attributed to the wheel problem. As they do with every alleged defect in their vehicles, Ford is disputing those claims.