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Passenger Killed in Car Wreck

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Two people were seriously injured and one person was killed in a car accident on Interstate 505, south of County Road 27, at 6 am., Sunday morning.

Quan, 45, of Oakland was in the rear passenger seat when the vehicle crashed into a tree on the north side of the roadway. He was pronounced dead at the scene from blunt force trauma.

The accident occurred when the driver, 47, also of Oakland, veered to the right, running off the side of the road, according to California Highway Patrol.

The driver suffered chest pains and a sprained ankle. It hasn’t been confirmed yet but CHP believes he may have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Another passenger, 40, of Sacramento, was occupying the front passenger seat and broke his wrist.

They were on their way home from Cache Creek Casino Resort, but it is unknown where they were headed at the time of the crash. Their was no alcohol involved in the crash and all three occupants were wearing seatbelts.