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Six-year-old Hero Rescues Sisters in Rollover Accident

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Victim attributes seat belts and infant car seats to saving family’s lives.

Last Monday morning, Patrick Bishop, a six-year-old, rescued his ten-month-old sister, Taylor, from her car seat, through a broken out window and pulled his two-year-old sister, Megan, through another broken window of their rolled over vehicle, while their mother, Kaci Harrison was trapped inside according to a KHAS-TV story

Kaci Harrison was driving with her three children when they were involved in a rollover accident Kari was trapped in her seat, unable to unbuckle her seat belt.

“I noticed that the vehicle started smoking so I told my son to calm down and get his sisters out as quickly as possible,” Kaci said.

Patrick’s father, Marcus Harrison, a former volunteer firefighter said, “I was impressed; proud. He did a really wonderful thing I am recall proud of him. I am glad he was there and able to keep his head.”

Mr. Harrison also said it was on of the worst vehicle accidents he had ever seen.

Mom escaped with minor bruises and hero Patrick with a sprained ankle.

Kaci attributed the seat belts and car seats with saving their lives.

Always wear your seat belt. Always have your children properly restrained in your automobile with appropriately sized and anchored car seats.

This accident shows that seat belt and car seat use does save lives, especially when there is no crushing of the roof, which could have made put a different ending on this story of a courageous six-year-old. Good job Patrick!