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Teens More Likely to be Involved in Car Accidents, So Why Rent to Them?

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It’s a proven fact that younger drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents. That’s why most companies require customers to be 25 in order to rent a car. However, the LA Times ran a story this week about a man trying to lure more business to his car rental company. In order to get that business, he began renting cars to drivers between 18 and 20 years old.

Ben Bennani is taking a risk at Cota Mesa’s AA Car Rental, but he thinks there is a niche for this business.

He imposes restrictions on how far his younger customers can drive, usually 100 miles. If they exceed their limit, he will make a note in their files and threaten them with a ban.

Renters who return his cars in pristine condition are each rewarded with a $20 gift certificate to a French restaurant in Laguna Beach. Good behavior also warrants a free limo ride home.

So far, so good for Bennani. According to the story, it has been smooth sailing since an early wreck. Hopefully the teens he rents to realize that safe driving and avoiding accidents are part of becoming responsible adults.