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Three Killed in Tragic Car Accident after Crashing into Light Pole

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Three men, in their 20s, were killed in a tragic car accident when their Lincoln Town Car rear-ended a vehicle, bounced off another and crashed into a light pole. A fourth passenger was hospitalized, police said.

One of the victims was decapitated in the accident that occurred on Victoria Street near Canyon Drive at 8:45 p.m.

Two of the men were thrown from the vehicle and killed, as was a backseat passenger. The driver was taken to Western Medical Center. The crash is under investigation. At this time it is unclear if alcohol was involved.

Witnesses report the driver was speeding and attempted to pass a slow moving vehicle, setting off the chain of events that led to the deadly crash.

The accident ripped off one of the Lincoln’s doors, caved in ther oof and crumpled the car beyond recognition. Glass and metal were strewn across the road.

“This is one of the worst accidents I have ever seen,” said Costa Mesa Police Sgt.