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Yankees’ pitcher sued over auto accident.

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Pavano hide auto accident and injury from his team.

A Florida man involved last year in an auto accident with a Porsche driven by Carl Pavano has sued the New York Yankees pitcher for injuries allegedly sustained in the crash, which the player initially tried to hide from his team, according to an article posted last week on CBS SportsLine.

Ernest DeLaura, 47, who filed the lawsuit two months ago in Bronx state Supreme Court, also named the Yankees as a defendant. The plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit, which also requested a default judgment of $5 million if Pavano and the Yankees failed to answer the complaint, the article said. DeLaura stated in the lawsuit that he has already undergone shoulder surgery and faces a possible operation on his neck.

The lawsuit alleges that Pavano was "careless, reckless and negligent" while driving his 2006 Porsche last Aug. 15. Pavano, who hasn’t pitched in the major leagues since June 27, 2005, due to various injuries, was pitching in the minor leagues as he prepared for a return to the Yankees when the accident occurred.

DeLaura was sitting at a stop sign Aug. 15 when Pavano’s Porsche hydroplaned, sending the sports car sailing into his tractor-trailer, the lawsuit said. At the time, a police report was issued saying Pavano was at fault in the accident, but there was no record of the pitcher receiving a ticket.

According to the news report, Pavano didn’t initially tell the Yankees about the accident, and made three rehabilitation starts before seeking medical attention and discovering that he sustained two broken ribs in the crash. Pavano, who is now back with the Yankees, is in the third year of a $39.95 million, four-year contract. According to the lawsuit, DeLaura sustained "severe and permanent personal injuries."

Of course, we don’t know all the details of the case. But the police report showing Pavano was at fault, will be a key piece of evidence of the plaintiff.

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