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Chrissie Cole

Research Shows Head Injuries can Impair Sleep

A new research study shows, people that have suffered mild head injuries are more likely to have problems sleeping and getting a good nights rest.The study found 40 to 65 percent of patients with a mild brain injury complained of insomnia. The lack of sleep can increase other symptoms of the head injury such as headaches, cognitive skills and emotional problems.Researches say, a head injury can…

John Bisnar

Brain Injury Sidelines Aspiring Newscaster:

Twenty-four year old aspiring newscaster Brian Kelly hobnobbed with the likes of former President Bill Clinton, and reporters for such shows as Good Morning America and NBC Nightly News before his car collided with a 35-foot-long bookmobile back in Chicago in 2001, causing severe and traumatic brain injuries. The collision nearly took Brian’s life. He was given last rites four times. …

John Bisnar

Why wear a bicycle helmet….?

The doctor who became the patient.Claudia Osborn had been practicing medicine as an osteopathic doctor for about two years when she made a big mistake. Claudia was on her bicycle, enjoying a summer ride, when a young man lost control of his car-hitting Claudia and sending her flying over the hood of his car. Claudia was not wearing her helmet! As a result of her bicycle accident, Claudia…

John Bisnar

Traumatic Brain Injury Steals a Life

Motorcycle vs. truck accident results in catastrophic loss.Todd Richardson, a 38 year-old father of 5 young children, was on his motorcycle and on his way to buy a part for his boat. Todd planned to take his family to Lake Powell, Utah. When Todd waved goodbye to his family he didn’t know it would be three months before he would return home to a very different life than he had when he waved…

John Bisnar

Can The Brain Rewire Itself After a Traumatic Injury?

Good news after twenty years!Most mothers are not surprised when they get a phone call from their daughter, but when Betsy Scantlin got a call from her daughter Sarah Scantlin she was stunned, because Sarah had been basically unconscious for twenty years after having been hit by a drunk driver. The doctors told Sara’s dad, James Scantlin, “The brain injury is so severe that the daughter you had…