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John Bisnar

Dog Attacks on Dogs

I receive inquires regarding dogs attacking dogs such as the following, a few times a week.While walking my pregnant Yorkie on a leash, she was ripped out of my arms and brutally killed by a large, unrestrained dog. My Yorkie suffered a horrible, horrible death. This is the most brutal and traumatic event I have gone through and there doesn’t seem to be any protection or justice for my pet….

Staff Writer

What Would Happen If You Suffered A Dog Bite?

Fellow InjuryBoard Blogger, New York accident lawyer Jeremy Thurman, has a lighthearted post about his encounter with a neighborhood dog and the thoughts going through his mind as he considered what would happen if he suffered a dog bite. Luckily the dog left Jeremy and his family alone, but Jeremy does cover many things to consider if you are actually bitten by a dog.