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Couple Files Lawsuit Against Restaurant after Eating Salmonella Contaminated Hummus

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A couple that became seriously ill after eating food at the Taste of Chicago Food Festival has filed a lawsuit against Pars Persian Cuisine, whose booth served the salmonella contaminated hummus.

The couple was hospitalized for four days and suffered from dehydration, high fever and diarrhea, said their attorney. The lawsuit, filed in Cook County Circuit Court, seeks unspecified damages.

Although health officials believe the hummus was the cause of the salmonella outbreak, not all test results are back. This lawsuit is believed to be the first of many lawsuits that may be filed against Pars Persian Cuisine.

As of Monday, over 500 people claimed to have been sick after eating the hummus. 50 of those cases were confirmed with salmonella and seventeen people were hospitalized. The restaurant is cooperating with health officials.