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Toothpaste Recalled for DEG Poisoning

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After the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warnings last week, a Florida importer has recalled 170,000 tubes of toothpaste labeled “Made in China” that may contain a deadly chemical.

According to the FDA’s warning notice, the toothpastes may contain diethylene glycol (DEG). DEG is a thickening agent used in antifreeze. If ingested, DEG can have serious and sometimes fatal side effects.

51 residents of Panama were killed last year when DEG was found in Chinese-imported cough syrup.

The recalled toothpastes come in 6.4 ounce and 9 ounce tubes and are titled:

• Shir Fresh Mint Fluoride

• Shir Fresh Mint Fluoride Paste

• Shir Fresh Ice Shir Mint Fluoride Toothpaste

While there have been no illnesses reported to date, consumers who have any tubes of the recalled toothpaste, should return it to the store they purchased it from or discard it.