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Metrolink Train Wreck – Three Serious Injuries

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Riverside-Corona crossing has high accident rate.

According to a story in the Press Enterprise, Metrolink Train 804 slammed into a van that then hit another car early Friday evening during rush hour. Five people were taken to hospitals, three in serious condition. None of the passengers on the Metrolink train were injured according to Riverside fire Battalion Chief Mike Esparza.

The accident occurred at Magnolia Avenue near Buchanan Street at the Riverside-Corona boarder which is one of the most dangerous railroad crossing in Riverside County. There has been at least six accidents at this railroad crossing in the last decade, the most for any crossing in Riverside County.

What is puzzling to me is that this railroad crossing is known to be one of the most danger dangerous in Riverside County, so why hasn’t the county, the railroad or Metrolink taken the simple, cost effective steps to make it safer? My theory, there are so many laws built into our nation’s legal system to protect railroads from personal injury lawsuits that those responsible for railroad crossing safety are not concerned about being held financially responsible for crossing accidents. Therefore, railroad crossing safety is not much of a priority.

Although railroad crossing accident cases are much more difficult to pursue, we do handle them. Currently, we are representing the families of two young adults that were fatally injured at a negligently maintained crossing.