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Train Smashes into Truck on Railroad Tracks

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An Amtrak train traveling northbound struck a large truck that was parked next to the railroad tracks, on Tuesday night. The train accident happened at 9:25 p.m., the driver of the truck was not at the scene and no one was injured.

The big rig was parked to close to the train tracks, according to California Highway Patrol.

Authorities are investigating the accident and are unsure why the truck was left alongside the tracks. At this time CHP is trying to determine who was driving the truck prior to the accident.

The train was coming from San Diego and heading to Santa Barbara, transporting 150 passengers who were evacuated as a result of the fires which have been burning in San Diego County all week.

Amtrak provided buses that picked up the passengers for the remainder of their trip. The rest of the passengers were picked up by friends and family.

The train received some damage in the accident but the railroad tracks were not damaged.