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Charge of Sexual Assault on Children Dropped Against Denver Pastor

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In my March 28, 2007 blog I wrote about Stephen J. Heese, pastor of The Church in South Denver who was accused of assaulting two children more than a decade ago. Wendy Martinez and other staunch supporters of Pastor Heese, have contented that he is innocent of any wrongdoing from the very moment allegations were made against him. May comment about Pastor Heese’s supporters at that time was “Who can blame them for being in denial?”

Well, they had good reason to support Pastor Heese. They weren’t’ in denial, they were right. Wendy Martinez brought an article from RockyMountainNews.com to my attention that states in part:

Jefferson County prosecutors have dismissed charges of sexual assault on children against a Lakewood minister after they concluded they didn’t have enough evidence to proceed with a trial. Prosecutors dropped the charges Thursday, Pam Russell, a Jefferson County district attorney spokeswoman, said Monday.

In one sense justice has been done, an innocent man is free. In another sense what irreparable injury has been done to Pastor Heese and his reputation? Or is there a silver lining to this story of how the accusations pulled a community together to support their Pastor? Or maybe the blessing that this seemingly unfortunate event has not yet manifested itself. Hopefully, when that silver lining does make itself known, Wendy Martinez will politely hound me to mention it here in on my blog like should hounded me to write about the charges being dropped.

Good job Wendy! Everyone should be so lucky to have supporters like you.