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Email inquiry I received regarding an adultrated food product, followed by my answer:

I found piece of flesh with hair in my prego spaghetti sauce. I’m working with the company but what type of lawyer would be used for that?

My Answer:

Unless you have suffered injury, in my opinion you are wasting your time if you are seeking to recover money. Campbell Soup Company is not likely to provide much in the way of compensation, other then coupons or products, unless you can prove injuries or loss. I strongly suggest that you maintain possession of your evidence if you are seeking serious compensation.

Our legal system provides a right to compensation, from wrongdoers, for people who have suffered a loss or injury. Your inquiry does not indicate that you suffered any type of loss or injury.

So my answer to your question, “…what type of lawyer would be used for that?” is one that doesn’t understand tort (personal injury) law and one that is going to waist your time and his. My answer assumes that you have suffered no loss or injury.

There are not many attorneys that are well versed in adulterated food cases, although there are many struggling attorneys who may take on such a case, not having the experience or legal analysis skills to understand where the case will go. We have handled many adulterated food cases and food poisoning cases. If you have suffered a loss of injury, we will provide you a comprehensive consultation, without any type of obligation or charge to you.

I strongly suggest that you contact the Orange County Health Department and report this incident

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