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Court Hearing to Save Pitbull a Day after Pitbulls Attack Tustin woman and Maul her Dog

Early Wednesday morning, two female pitbulls snatched a poodle from the arms of an elderly woman in Tustin and mauled the little dog in front of her eyes, in her front yard, according to an article in The Orange County Register.

On Thursday morning, a Westminster woman’s attorney begged an Orange County Superior Court judge to spare her pitbull who had allegedly bitten her friend’s daughter, causing the 23-year-old woman to have reconstructive lip surgery, according to another article posted on the Register’s Web site.

These are two separate cases and incidents of course. But both tell us the same thing. Pitbulls are vicious dogs and must be treated as such.

In Tustin, Nan Haacker, a woman in her 70s, was taking her poodle, Wolfgang, for a routine morning walk. She was accosted by two female pitbulls as she existed her front door. She clutched the little dog close to her as the two pitbulls looked at her menacingly. The pitbulls then lunged at Haacker and started biting her on her arms and knees. Eventually, the pitbulls got their kill – the little poodle. Haacker was left with a broken heart and bloodied hands.

Officials say both dogs had collars, but no tags. They believe that the owner of the dogs must live close by. Animal control officials were able to catch both pitbulls after scouting the area for hours. Both were sent to the Orange County Animal Control Agency where they will be kept quarantined. If their owner does not claim them in 10 days, they will be euthanized, officials said.

Meanwhile in the county courthouse Thursday morning, 53-year-old Sheri Moody argued that her pitbull, Brutus, deserves to live although the city of Westminster determined that he is a “vicious dog” and must be euthanized. Moody is basically appealing that decision while the pitbull is being held at the Orange County Humane Society. Moody’s attorney told the judge that the dog does not deserve to die and what happened was either “a freak accident” or happened because the dog was somehow provoked.

We’ve represented hundreds of dog bite victims and guess what breed of dog has caused the majority of serious injuries? Pitbulls! Pitbulls and rottweilers have been the culprits in nearly 80% of the dog bite cases we have handled in the last five years.

As lawyer continually handling serious dog attack cases for the last 29 years, there is no question that these breeds are dangerous. Several cities around the nation are considering enforcing bans on these specific breeds of dogs. And I bet each of them has their own list of reasons for singling out these two breeds of dogs.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or have been attacked by a vicious dog, contact us for a free, confidential consultation and a discussion of your options.

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