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According to some Washington DC moms, a walk in the part isn’t, when the park is full of dogs. One DC mom indicated, “I speak for many of the mothers who are petrified by the dogs that roam Kalorama Park, off-leash”. Dogs bite!! Dogs that are off-leash violate DC law . This mom and others like her don’t want to be named, and they are afraid to speak out because they worry they will be harassed the next time they take their family to the park.

Apparently, this ongoing feud between dog owners and the DC dog-free citizens, has been going on ever since some proposed DC rules have been released, which govern the creation and use of so-called ‘dog parks’. According to some, the delay in the promulgation of rules have left dogs and their owners to act carte blanche, with “no rules” what so ever. Citizens scream that their once lovely parks with beautiful plazas are being destroyed, and they argue that the Department of Parks and Recreation must act immediately in response to health concerns.

The moms say that the result of all of this turmoil is that many ordinary citizens, who are fearful of the many dogs that roam the parks, are just not going to the park-and that doesn’t seem to be fair!

Maybe the DC moms should try what San Diego tried? Robin Kaufman, of San Diego, worked for five years to open a two-acre, off-leash, park in the Rancho Bernardo area. Robin works as a go between for the dog park and the public, working closely with the city’s Parks and Recreation department with a goal of making the off-leash area run smoothly. Even with this type of cooperation, dog owners must realize that if ‘man’s best friend’ goes wild it could cost them in the pocket!

In most states, the owner of a dog has various types of liability ($$) for injuries caused by their dog, if it bites someone. In California, a dog’s owner is “strictly liable” for dog bite injuries, even if they did not know their dog had dangerous propensities.

According to a popular internet site, Dog Owner’s Guide, more than one million people are bitten every year, and that doesn’t count the large number of bites that go unreported. Experts have reported that dog bites account for one percent of all emergency room admissions to hospitals-costing $30 million annually, in health care costs .

The point is-Don’t let your dog-gone dogs go dog-gone wild!!! Dog bites can kill or maim!

We are seeing a rise in dog attacks and bites in “dog parks”. Be carefully of your small dogs and yourself when in a dog park.

If you need a consultation regarding a dog attack issue, contact me.

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