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Two pitbulls attacked an Idaho man Tuesday morning, biting him more than 30 times before they were shot at and subdued by local animal control officers, according to a news report posted on KTVB News’ Web site.

Officers shot and killed one of the dogs and took another one to the Idaho Humane Society, the article says. Peter Olson said he was attacked by the dogs when he came out of his house to drop off some mail in his mailbox at about 5:30 a.m.

Just then he heard the dogs barking and looked up thinking it was his neighbor’s lab. But then he noticed two pitbulls headed his way. In fact, they were coming straight for him. Olson told the TV station that he tried facing the two animals hoping they would back away. When they didn’t he started swinging his lunch box. But that didn’t stop them either. Then, Olson said, the animals lunged at him grabbing his legs.

He yelled for help over and over. But when he realized no one could hear him, he knew that he simply had to continue fighting for his life.

“I reached up and actually I remember grabbing one by the lower jaw in his mouth I have two puncture wounds that probably came from that, those two or those two, the other one,” he said.

Olson was able to get back to his garage door, punched in the code and work his way inside, eventually making it to safety. At the hospital he learned he had nearly 30 bites. He says he’s glad it happened to him instead of the kids who live nearby.

“This was a whole jaw print, at the hospital, you could count every tooth from the top of the saw and the bottom of the jaw,” Olson later said. He doesn’t believe the dogs are from his neighborhood, but says he is not too sure about that. Olson is going house to house with a picture hoping someone will recognize the animals.

This is exactly the kind of scary incident that can very well happen with pit bulls, whether they are your own animals or those that belong to a neighbor or someone else. Several U.S. cities are considering legislation banning pitbulls because they have proved themselves to be a dangerous breed of dogs. It will be interesting to see the type of legislation that comes out of that debate – and rest assured, it will turn out to be a quite a debate.

At Bisnar|Chase, we’ve been convinced beyond doubt that these are dangerous dogs. We’ve seen the horrible injuries. We’ve referred many clients to plastic surgeons because of the severity of their wounds. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous dog or because of a negligent dog owner, contact us to find out about your legal options.

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