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A Week In Maui For Star Employee

This week our “Intake Paralegal”, Carey Wagenblast will not be in the office. Carey is the paralegal who attends to potential clients when they call in the first time for assistance. She helps them clarify what type of assistance they need and then gets it for them. Carey is also the paralegal that helps inquiring potential clients find attorneys when we do not handle the type of matter that they need assistance with.

“I love my job. I get to help people all day long. Sometimes they have tragic situations that they need immediate professional attention to deal with. It makes me feel good to help them,” says Carey.

Carey isn’t in this week because she is in Maui, Hawaii with her husband for a well deserved vacation on her employer. You see, Carey was our “Employee of the Year” for 2006. As a “Thank You” and recognition of the exceptional way she performed her job and the assistance she provided our first time callers, we gave her extra vacation time and a paid trip to Maui.

Carey assisted over 2,000 initial client callers last year. She opened well over 200 files. And she is one of the most complimented members of our staff by our clients.. Our clients love her.

“I couldn’t believe it when Mr. Bisnar presented me with the award. I could barely stand when he told me I was going to Hawaii as part of the award. I cried when they told me that my sister had volunteered to take care of my son for the week that we would be gone, ” Carey added. “And I couldn’t believe that my husband knew about it for weeks ahead of time so that he could arrange his vacation, he can never keep a secret.”

Thank you Carey for doing such a great job for out clients last year. Aloha!

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