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Cemetery negligence or fraud?

How would you feel if you had no idea where your loved one was buried?

A Charlotte, N.C. family is finding out the hard way. According to an article posted on the local WSOC TV’s Web site, the family found out this week that their grandmother, Rebecca Grier, was not buried in the plot they were told she was buried in at York Memorial Cemetery. For four years, that’s were they placed the flowers, balloons and decorations and paid their respects.

Now, they find out that’s not grandma’s grave. What’s worse? They have no idea where her body has been placed! The family is obviously distraught and this is what her granddaughter Tameka Nelson has to say: “It’s been hard, re-living everything and trying to get it done and over with. We want her to rest; she’s an awesome woman. She should be resting in peace right now instead of the family going through this.

The mix-up or fraud surfaced when caretakers at the cemetery went to bury the family’s grandfather in the fall, who wanted to be buried next to his wife and infant son. The cemetery pointed out to the family where grandpa would be buried, but surviving family members know that wasn’t the right spot. As it turns out, the paperwork wasn’t really followed up. This week, cemetery workers dug up the plot where they thought Grier was buried, but when they got to the casket, it wasn’t grandma Grier. And here’s another twist. The person who owns the plot where the wrong casket was found, was still alive. So there was another body that had been misplaced and now they don’t know who that is.

The Grier family, however, is persistent. They want to dig up graves until they find their dear grandmother and return her to her proper resting spot, near grandpa and their child.

This is a heinous act of callousness and disregard on the part of this cemetery. Not only did they mix up the plots, but they have no idea where the bodies are! Not only have they upset the Grier family, but all others who will have their loved ones dug up so the Griers can find their dear grandmother.

I suspect that many of the funeral home and cemetery “mistakes” are actually knowing frauds. I suspect selling the same plot to multiple people, burying more than one gasket in a grave to save space so that more plots can be sold and re-selling space that has already has a body buried in it.

Unfortunately, news of this nature is becoming more common than ever. The business of death is burgeoning and funeral homes and cemeteries are doing everything they can to cut corners and maximize profits – trampling over the emotions of grieving families in the process. At Bisnar|Chase, we’re going after these companies and fighting for the rights of the families that go through the loss of a loved one all over again.

If you believe you were the victim of cemetery, funeral home or cremation negligence or exploitation, call us for a free, completely confidential consultation. We can help protect your legal rights. If you have questions on this issue, ask away. I’d love to hear from you, even if it is just to build my data base of suspected unscrupulous operators.

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