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One of mom’s last acts saves here child’s life.

Here is a heart-rending story that clearly tells you why your infant should be in a car seat.

On Valentine’s Day, 21-year-old Natalie Canton and her 10-month-old son, Aiden Koch, were traveling on the 91 Freeway. According to various news reports, the woman’s car flew off the freeway before it plunged nearly 100 feet. Canton died on the spot, but the little baby survived.

Mom had secured him in a rear-facing car seat and it may be because of the way the car crashed, or it may have been a miracle as everyone is referring to it – little Aiden was unharmed. When all the facts are known, I’ll bet that the car seat was the life saving miracle in this auto accident.

The baby was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange and released to his father. According to an article in The Orange County Register, Canton drove her Acura Integra about 80 mph on the 91 Freeway’s car pool connector to the 57 Freeway. Officials said that for some unknown reason, Canton applied the brakes and lost control of the car.

The car landed on its bumper, then its wheels, on a dirt patch under the transition road. The car was completely totaled, according to the article, but a passerby unstrapped the baby from the car seat before officers arrived on scene.

California Highway Patrol Officer Jennifer Hink told reporters that the car seat most likely saved the child’s life. “Car safety seats are made for high-impact crashes. When the seat is secured correctly, the car seat becomes a part of the car. The child cannot move.”

It wasn’t known what brand or model of infant car seat the baby was in.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, officers say this case is not rare. Investigators say they don’t know what caused the crash, but are looking to see if anything was wrong with the vehicle, the Register report said.

This only reemphasizes the fact that the car seat is the only place for your baby in your car.

There was a lot of noise recently about crash test results conducted by Consumer Reports magazine, which showed a lot of the car seats performed poorly in high-speed crashes. But the magazine withdrew its report after the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration pointed out certain flaws in their tests.

This sparked off widespread concern and confusion about the efficacy of car seats and confusion about what brands of car seats are safe. Consumer Reports is yet to come out with their corrected test reports. But meanwhile, incidents such as these constantly prove to us that any car seat is better than no car seat at all.

Let’s keep Aiden’s mom, Natalie Canton, in our prayers and best wishes.

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