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Spilled Load Causes Freeway Fatallity

Through the years, we have represented a few thousand clients. Each of them has a special story to tell. Each of them has suffered some tragic loss due to some accident or negligence.

Alvin Austin is one of our clients whom we have had the pleasure of representing. Alvin’s wife of 23 years, Beverly, died in July in a traffic accident. Beverly Austin was hit by a sign that flew off a truck that spilled a load of signs onto the freeway and one of them found its way into her car. A type of highway accident you rarely hear about but occurs everyday.

The news of his wife’s death devastated Alvin and his two children. Alvin was grief-struck, but he was also angry at the negligence of the truck driver who didn’t take the time to secure that sign.

“That sign went through her windshield like a bullet,” he said. “You could tell by the way the glass was smashed in.”

Alvin knew that he had to take legal action against the driver and the company. He wanted the responsible party held accountable for the harm they caused. A relative referred him to Bisnar|Chase.

Alvin said he was impressed with the way his attorneys aggressively went after the company and got $1 million for him and his children.

“I was very impressed,” he said. “The money won’t replace my wife. She was one of a kind – a good woman and a good mother. But it’ll help me take care of my kids and secure their future, take care of their education.”

But Alvin says the help and emotional support he got from Bisnar|Chase was invaluable.

“I didn’t have to move a finger,” he said. “They took care of the foot work, the paperwork, everything. I could count on them for anything. And that’s exactly what I needed at the time. They took a big load off of my shoulders.”

In the process of handling the Austin family’s case, I came to learn a great deal about the family, the wonderful things they at accomplished together and the many children that they helped raise and foster, in addition to their own. They were a grand model of middle class America. Until one day a careless act wiped out the family’s foundation and guiding light.

I know that Mr. Austin was more pleased that we held the negligent company accountable, that we recovered the maximum amount economically feasible, than he was about the amount of the money recovered. The recovery symbolically validated that Beverly’s life was of great value and the family suffered a huge loss. The recovery was also an acknowledgement, by the wrongdoer, of their negligence as well as a token tribute of compensation as atonement.

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